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Long Term Care

Elder law is a vital part of estate planning, concentrating on the special needs of older adults and their families. In Philadelphia County, PA, we are committed to addressing the diverse issues faced by seniors, including options for senior housing, home care, long-term or nursing home care, guardianships, health care documentation, and the complexities involved in Medicare and Medicaid.

Senior Housing & Long-Term Care Options

The issue of long-term nursing home care is a significant concern for the aging population in Philadelphia County. Traditional health insurance often does not cover these costs, posing a substantial financial burden. The expenses associated with nursing home care can rapidly drain personal or family resources, leading to Medicaid as a potential aid once these resources are depleted. Our firm is accomplished in developing asset protection strategies, including the use of long-term care insurance and optimizing benefits available through Medicare and Medicaid.

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Understanding Medicare

Medicare is a federal health insurance program available to individuals over 65, independent of financial status. It is divided into two primary parts: Part A covers hospital care, extended care following a hospital stay, some home health care services, and hospice care. However, it is important to recognize that Medicare offers limited coverage for nursing home care, contributing to less than nine percent of such care on a national level.

Medicaid in Pennsylvania

Medicaid, in contrast to Medicare, is a joint federal-state program that operates more like a welfare program. Eligibility for Medicaid is assessed upon submission of the required application to the state. Our attorneys have significant aptitude in assisting seniors and their families in Philadelphia County with long-term care planning, including the exploration of Medicaid eligibility.

Senior Housing Options and Transition

The transition to senior housing is often a pivotal and emotional decision, typically prompted by health changes or the loss of a spouse. We advise on early planning and comprehensive evaluation of the current living situation, factoring in both physical care needs and financial resources. It’s essential to compare the costs of staying at home versus relocating to a senior community. Our firm approaches these transitions methodically, understanding the time they may take and the importance of thoroughly exploring available senior living options.

Comprehensive Elder Law Services

Our firm is devoted to offering a broad range of elder law services to the residents of Philadelphia County. We tailor our legal solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, from navigating Medicare and Medicaid intricacies to aiding with senior housing transitions. Our team is dedicated to providing knowledgeable and empathetic support.
Making informed decisions is critical in elder law matters. Our firm is committed to providing the elderly community in Philadelphia County with compassionate and knowledgeable legal assistance. Reach out to us for help in managing the complexities of elder law, ensuring you and your loved ones have peace of mind.

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