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Long Term Care

Elder law is an essential component of estate planning, focusing on the specific needs of older individuals and their families. In Berks County, PA, we recognize the importance of addressing a wide range of issues that seniors face, including senior housing, home care, long-term or nursing home care, guardianships, health care documents, and the intricacies of Medicare and Medicaid.

Senior Housing & Long-Term Care Options

As the population in Berks County ages, long-term nursing home care becomes an increasingly critical concern. Often, this type of care is not covered by traditional health insurance, leading to significant financial challenges. The cost of nursing home care can quickly deplete personal or family assets, at which point Medicaid may become a viable option. Our firm is well-versed in creating strategies to protect your assets, including considering long-term care insurance and maximizing Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

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Understanding Medicare

Medicare, often mistaken for Medicaid, is a federal health insurance program for those over 65, with no financial qualification requirements. It includes two primary parts: Part A, covering hospital stays, extended post-hospital care, some home health care services, and hospice care. However, it’s important to note that Medicare’s coverage for nursing home care is quite limited, funding less than nine percent of such care nationally.

Medicaid in Pennsylvania

Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is a joint federal-state welfare program, with eligibility determined after submitting the appropriate application to the state. Our lawyers have extensive experience in guiding seniors and their families in Berks County through the complexities of long-term care planning, including navigating Medicaid eligibility.

Senior Housing Options and Transition

Transitioning to senior housing is often a significant step, triggered by health issues or the loss of a partner. We recommend early planning and a thorough assessment of the current situation, encompassing physical care needs and financial resources. Weighing the costs of remaining at home against moving to a senior community is crucial. Our firm takes a phased approach to these transitions, acknowledging the time they take and advising on the variety of senior living options available.

Comprehensive Elder Law Services

Our commitment is to provide extensive elder law services to the residents of Berks County. Recognizing the uniqueness of each situation, we offer personalized legal solutions. Whether it’s guiding you through Medicare and Medicaid complexities or assisting with senior housing transitions, our team is ready to provide informed and compassionate support.

Informed decision-making is crucial in elder law matters. We are dedicated to delivering knowledgeable and empathetic legal assistance to the elderly community in Berks County. Contact us to navigate the complexities of elder law and ensure peace of mind for you and your family.

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