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About Estate Planning Attorney William Ravenell

Elkins Park Estate Planning Attorney William Ravenell

William Ravenell

Attorney at Law

William Ravenell is a distinguished attorney holding degrees from the University of Virginia, The Temple Beasley School of Law, and Cornell University. Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, he is a devoted advocate in Estate Planning and Elder Care law, helping clients balance and enrich their lives through prudent stewardship of time, abilities, and financial resources. His counsel is resourceful and committed.

Dedicating his practice exclusively to Estate Planning and Elder Care law, William and Ravenell Law empower clients across the broad spectrum of family and wealth planning challenges. He specializes in legal strategies to support families caring for loved ones who require extended assistance for basic living needs.

Ravenell Law excels in guiding clients through planning strategies to alleviate the caregiving burden on family members. We specialize in drafting individualized advanced medical directives, protecting inheritances from nursing home fees, and helping families make financially sound decisions. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ ability to live comfortably and with peace of mind.

With a rich family legacy in law, William is committed to delivering focused and comprehensive services. Ravenell Law stands out for its counseling-oriented approach, tailoring customized plans to each client’s unique goals. William lives in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, with his wife Maiko and their three children, Emmaline, Jonah, and Elizabeth.